Scheduled tiles (week/time schedule)

Is there a way to schedule tiles in dashboard? It would be cool if kids bus schedule would be visible only when there is need and rest of the time tile space could be used to something else?
I used to enjoy this when I was using Dakboard. If not yet in Sharptools…should I create a feature request? :slight_smile:

It’s a neat idea. I’ve gone ahead and moved this into the Feature Requests category. Feel free to edit your first post if you’d like to add more details. And be sure to cast a vote on your own request. :smiley:

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I think one of the challenges will be what happens when a tile is not scheduled. Does it just show a blank space? ‘Removing’ the tile completely would cause the rest of your dashboard layout to get shuffled.

Maybe it would call for a new tile that could schedule different tiles to be shown at different times. Like a single ‘Tile Scheduler’ tile that could be configured to include other tiles to be shown at different times. The default being to display nothing (a Spacer tile) if no other tile is configured for a time slot.

When tile is not scheduled there should be (by default) same sized empty spacer so that layout stays like it was.

  1. tile A: - 1pm
  2. tile B: 1pm - 6pm
  3. tile C: not scheduled time

This is just my imagination of how could it be.
Tile A = media tile (life360 map)
Tile B = media tile (google photos diashow)
Tile C = empty spacer

How cool would that be!!!

I mean I’m now “wasting” valuable space of my dashboard by showing map of kids school bus location. Driver is probably already drinking beer some where because weekend just started and bus is not moving until Monday. For example I would enjoy more of seeing news feed in that space. If scheduling could be made according day of the week (with time of course) too that would be awesome.


Your kids will probably hate me but a chore tile instead of schedule will pop up if no bus sched is available lol.

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