Schedule with Start time and Stop time

1.-How can I can build an schedule to start the unit at any time and to stop base on hour or time.
2.- and to start a time base one hour and minute ( the equipment will start when a button is pressed and stop base on the time.


Hi @javier_marte, welcome to the community. See below for my comments.

What do you mean by the schedule to start any time? Do you mean the unit is scheduled to be turned off an hour later whenever it is turned on? If so see the example rule below that when the fan is turned on, this rule will be triggered, wait for an hour and then turn the fan off.

See another example below that you can trigger the rule by the timer trigger at specific time, and turn the fan off it is currently on.

Rule Engine is quite flexible for different specific needs. If you can provide more details about your use cases, I’d be happy to throw some examples that fit your needs. :grinning:

I Mean an Schedule in the Dashboard.
Please let me know if you can see picture


Thanks for sharing the screenshot, @javier_marte - I saw your post in the Hubitat community as well.

Would you mind sharing some more information about the equipment? If you’re using Hubitat, it sounds like a custom Hubitat App might be the way to go for this. The built-in Hubitat ‘Thermostat Scheduler’ app is probably the closest thing to use as a reference (though their code is closed-source).

We don’t currently have support for timestamps in variables otherwise you might have been able to build a complex rule along with a custom dashboard to accomplish this - as such, I’ve noted the use case and potential enhancement.