Samsung TV commands for Bias lighting

First post and new to sharptools . . . Have what would seem a simple project. When I turn on/off my Samsung TV I want the bias lighting to turn on/off accordingly. I can choose my TV under triggers in rule engine, but which attribute is on off? What are all of these attributes? Is there a list somewhere? Thanks for any and all help. I’m sure this will be the first of many Qs! Stoked!

Hi @Jeremy_Buras, welcome to the community. Are you using a custom device handler for the TV? Can you please post the list of the attributes and the link to the custom device handler if you are using any?

If you do see “switch” attribute in the list, that should be the one.

Switch worked thanks. For some reason wouldn’t work when switch to on. Had to do when switch is changed from off.

So what exactly is a device handler?

Yes, if you use “Switch changes to on” as trigger, the rule will only be triggered if the switch state was changed from ‘off’ to ‘on’. Or maybe I have missed something from your original question? Please post your rule screenshot if the rule doesn’t behave what you wanted and I’d be happy to take a look there.

A Device Handler is basically a driver for the smart device in SmartThings/Hubitat. It defines how it communicates with SmartThings/Hubitat, what capabilities and attributes it supports in SmarThings/Hubitat. There are lots of community developed device handlers which extend SmartThings/Hubitat support to many hardware/services.

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