Samsung smart things hub

Not sure if this is the right place to ask…

so…Ive just been given a Samsung SmartThings Hub (V2) I believe and a door sensor…

I understand samsung have pretty much pulled out of this market now…

but tbh I’m not sure what the heck to do with it?

My current set is is really simple…lifx bulbs and a couple of Philips hue…

I only stumbled across this site as I wanted a wall mounted dashboard to use as a central hub…so used this and fullykiosk to create…

I have only used the SmartThings app on my phone to add the bulbs and the desktop pc version to add a weather tile to my dashboard…

anyone got any pointers or things I could try / buy?


Adding a hub is really nice as you can start adding Zigbee and Z-wave devices.

(For reference, the core Philips Hue products are built on top of Zigbee)

Zigbee tends to be really good for ‘sensor’ and other small devices. Think motion sensors, contact sensors, temperature sensors, buttons, etc. These are really nice if you want to automate things in your house - for example, when a door is opened (contact sensor) or motion is detected (motion sensor), have your lights automatically come on.

Z-wave tends to have a concentration in mains powered devices. Think light switches, outlets, garage door openers, locks, etc. Again, taking the example automations above, the sensors would be the ‘trigger’ and then the light switches could be thing that gets controlled. You could also control these things directly from your dashboard. :slight_smile:

And I just mean those as a -very- rough examples. You can find lots of z-wave powered sensors and lots of zigbee lights and locks.

Just go to Amazon and search for “Zigbee” or “Z-wave” and you’ll get a feel for what I mean. :smiley:

thanks for the response…ill certainly look into it…might be a non starter though…just plugged it in are can see it needs a set up code that would have been in packaging…my work colleague hasn’t got it…hahaha

SmartThings support might be able help if you don’t have the code. Not sure if they’re still doing it, but worth a shot since it’s listed in their help articles:

If resetting the Hub does not resolve the issue with the Welcome Code, contact 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) and provide the Hub’s serial number.


Check inside the battery compartment on the back of the device for the code.

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Hi thanks for the info…I think they only did this on the later v2 hubs…mine just has a sticker with the SN on

I’ve emailed smartthings support so we shall see what happens…

Not holding out much hope…but hey it was free…


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Samsung has pulled out of the hardware side only. They’ll continue on the software side and Aeotech will now continue making the V3 hubs for use with SmartThings as well as other z-wave products.