Samsung Multisensor Activation

Is there way to adjust sensitivity of vibration sensor? Its either vibration or no vibration.

Based on a quick Google search, it doesn’t look like there’s a configuration setting:

Is it too sensitive or not sensitive enough? As someone mentioned in that thread, the way the sensor is mounted can impact how sensitive it is. For example, attaching the sensor using the included sticky pad can dampen the vibration sensitivity a bit.


In sharp tools and mutisensor, I have vibration alert and door open alert. The vibration alert is set to trigger when acceleration is active (vibration), If acceleration active and contact door is closed, then xyz. However, alert still occurs when door is open. Is there better way to make this work?

@Ric_Lee, can you take a screenshot of your vibration alert rule so we can better understand the setup if it follows the logic you wanted? Thanks.

attached is screenshot.

Maybe I need a delay?

Thanks for the screenshot. Yes I’d probably suggest a couple seconds delay before the IF_Condition, and you don’t need the acceleration in the IF_Condition since it’s in the trigger condition already. Please note that you can tap and hold the right-top “handler” icon of the activity to reorder the activity. A nice trick to reorder the action after you add another delay activity here. :grin:

Thank you for your inputs, will try it out. Yes the reorder is great, and please you need to add duplicate or copy option for items that can be reordered.

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