Safari browser on Mac cannot click items

In Safari on Mac, I can use SharpTools okay for interacting with the dashboards, but when trying to edit dashboards, the click locations are not in the correct place on the screen.

For instance, if I click the … icon, then Change Layout, I may get Copy. To select Change Layout, I have to click just a hair below Edit. This behavior is not consistent, the actual click targets change during usage. Additionally, after about 5 to 7 screen (edit panel, pop-ups, etc) the editor stops working all together, and I must refresh the page.

None of this happens in Chrome browser, but I don’t use chrome browser, and don’t like that I have to keep it around just for this site.

I suspect the root of the issue is Materialize, which I also blame for the slow FireHD performance, as it is a google project, and favors google’s browser. Still Chrome and Safari are both WebKit browsers, this shouldn’t be an issue.

@Armand_Welsh, thanks for reporting and it does sound odd. I don’t have my Mac with me at this point and I will test it later. What is your Mac OS/Safari version? And do you mind if you can shoot a video for us to better investigate? Thanks.

Just did a quick test in Safari 14 and Safari 13 through Lambdatest, but wasn’t able to reproduce the same issue. Can you test it again if any Safari extensions might have caused the issue? (6)

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MacOS Catalina (10.15.7) with Safari 14.0 (build 15610).

I will record a video.

How do I attach a video?

Can you share it over Google Photo, Google Drive, or Dropbox and attach the link here or PM @support ? (Sorry forgot the video cannot be attached to the forum directly.)

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Sure thing. Drop Box might be an option. I don’t use google products in general. I will try one drive first, since I have a lot of storage there.!AnIq2DaGUgjrfFrJwh37lPyDR4Q?e=ndgeMS

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I cannot reproduce the issue now on the beta page. Did you fix something?

@Armand_Welsh, we had rolled out an update to beta site, but wasn’t specifically for this Safari fix. Can you please verify if the issue remains in the main site, but not the beta site? and if there’s a pattern to reproduce it. I spent a couple hours the past weekend but wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. :frowning:

I wonder if the bug only ever existed in the reflow based pages. I will play around some more

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