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Hello, A question for those that are using sharptools tasker plugin and macronos tasker plugin

I use sharptools tasker input plugin to fire a macronos plugin action. When i run the tasker routine, I see a toast message on my screen "Running “file name here”, when the macronos plugin is triggered.

Does anyone else see this message?

I really can’t find if its the sharptools input plugin or macronos, tasker action plugin that creates this toast message.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to stop this notification from happening as it shows through my kiosk browser.

That’s not a SharpTools for Android toast message. I would check the Tasker profile to make sure there’s not a Notification > Flash action in it… otherwise it might be the Macronos plugin as you mentioned.

SharpTools has an optional ‘Result: Success!’ message which can be toggled in the General Settings.

Edit: Which mount are you using? It looks nice!

Thanks Josh, great App by the way. It has been super useful.

I designed the kiosk myself. Using the Schaeffe AG online software which is super easy to use.

It is made from Aluminiun and then power coated. The front is held to the chassis using magnets that i bonded into each corner! Europe USA / Canada

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The frame is absolutely gorgeous. The finish and quality really looks superb. Excellent work!

Thankyou Josh :slight_smile: