Running dakboard on a tile?

I am using Dakboard solely for it’s photo slide show feature. I have it setup as the screensaver on all of my Sharptools touchscreens. But I was thinking there must be a way to run this within a tile so I can place it on a dashboard? That would give me more control than using the screen saver functionality.

I tried a couple of things - media tile, Developer tools, custom tile but had no luck.

So I thought I would ask here to see if this doable? Thanks

Did you try the URL custom tile? What happened?

Nothing at the time - all blank. But I just went back and tried it again and it now works. Maybe something with Dakboard at the time. One question on custom tiles. Why do you need to specify a size of the tile when creating it when you can resize it when placed on the dashboard? Thanks.

Normally the developer of a custom tile would specify that when it’s the preferred default dimensions that they would want someone to add it to their dashboard as.

Of course, the user can override that once they add it to their dashboard.

@josh so now I want to trigger this dashboard after a certain amount of inactivity. I don’t see anything in the rule triggers related to dashboard load? Any thoughts? Thanks.

@josh Any thoughts on this? Ideally I want to trigger something on page load - it could be a call to Hubitat and then I could start a timer and then send a command back to load up the screensaver dashboard. Thanks.

Which hub and device driver is your Fully Kiosk connected to? I assume it’s integrated as a ‘Thing’ in one of our supported platform connections if you want to create an automation based on it. It’s going to depend on what sort of features that device integration exposes.

Alternatively, Fully Kiosk has a JavaScript API that I’ve seen some people use as a trigger for taking various actions. That’s outside the scope of SharpTools itself, but that might be something you’re interested in if you’re a Fully Kiosk user and have the relevant JavaScript skills.

I use Fully Kiosk on my Fire’s throughout the house but these are mostly my secondary tablets - fairly basic local room controls. My main touchscreens are much larger ELO touchscreens running NUCs with Windows. I actually use Firefox on these as it is the browser that responds best to kiosk operations and I can send URLs remotely to it through a small app that I run remotely - currently on my old Homeseer setup but will look to port this to Hubitat at some point.

With my limited technical knowledge of what is possible, I would be looking for some sort of system variable that is set on page load, and then I could use rule engine to let Hubitat know, start a timer, etc. Is anything like that possible in the current capabilities?

No, that’s where something like Fully Kiosk Browser comes in as it can be exposed as a “Thing”… and you could react to state changes in the ‘thing’ like which URL is loaded and send commands to it like changing the URL.

You might be able to do something similar on Windows, but I’m pretty sure it would be a custom thing.

I have tried getting Fully Kiosk running on Windows 11 under their Android emulator. That was a miserable failure because it is apparently in beta release and no matter how many hoops I jumped through I could not get it working. But I will renew my efforts there. If Fully Kiosk does perform well in that environment then I can control it from Hubitat using the Plug-in

It sounds like you already have a solution for sending the ‘command’ to your Windows device to change the URL that’s displayed, right?

So the main thing you would be looking for is being able to react to the ‘screensaver’ being triggered (or a lack of activity)?

A quick search for “windows run script on inactivity” brings up a variety of options.

I hadn’t thought about that approach. I have setup a Task Scheduler item to load the screensaver URL on inactivity. Will run some tests to see how it works and report back.

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