Run rule on shared dashboard

Hi… I have a pohne dashboard that turns on lights and moves shades to a set level.

  • The lights are simple things that you click on and off.
  • The shades are moved by rules to a set level and the tile turns color based on how low the shade is.

It works great on my dashboard, but I can’t get it to run the rule on a shared dashboard with a family member. Is there an issue because the guest account doesnt have the rules?

To restate,
-on my account, the lights and shades work well.

  • On my family member’s account, the lights are clickable, but clicking the shade button doesn’t trigger the rule that moves the shade to the set level.

What happens? Do they receive an error message or a green success message? (Assuming you haven’t used Custom CSS to hide the toast messages, of course)

And what do the rule logs say?

The green onmy family member’s screen says executing, but nothing happens.

When I check my rule logs it says (family member) is not authorized to execute this rule.

Can you send a note to with the dashboard ID and rule ID so I can take a closer look?