Run Rule every X Minutes

I have a device that does not refresh regularly. Within Smartthings routines you cannot request a refresh so I thought I’d try it here. I would like to refresh the device status (thermostat) every 15 minutes (maximum). I can only seem to do it at a specific time of day. I could write 96 rules, but that seems excessive. Is there a function that I can have it run the rule every x minutes?

You can use a variable to create a loop rule then use that variable changing to run another refresh rule.

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I feel an even better way is to use the variable itself as the trigger.
If variable stays off for 30 minutes, then switch on variable, refresh device, switch off variable.

It offers more options for the amount of time you want to use, not just seconds.

Have you tried Pollster?

Is Pollster going away with the IDE shutdown?

Good question. I thought it was a “supported” Smart App. Mine is still working well. I’ll take a look on the SmartThings Community.

Thanks, @Terri . Your method works perfectly.

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Exactly. At this point you cannot write to the IDE, so you couldn’t install it even if you wanted to.

I am pretty sure pollster will die with Groovy.

You can create a virtual switch in ST and use it instead of a variable in you looping rule.

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