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I am trying to get rules to trigger from a scene controller. I created this simple rule to test which I think should work however it does not look like the ‘pushed’ event is making it from ST. the rule is not triggering. Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?

I can see the presses in the ST app. I’m wondering if it could be a driver issue (I am using the official Zooz Edge driver for this device).

supportedButtonValues doesn’t seem like the right attribute.

Are there other attributes displayed by that component? Or does the parent component show other attributes?

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I’m a fool. I should be using ‘button.’

Thank you for the lightning fast response.

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Okay, another question …

I think In my case with this controller it seems the attribute value stays as the last action on that button (whereas in the ST app the button will show pressed then return to standby). So, if I had pushed the button at any time before running a rule, any time an IF is done on that value it will always show ‘pushed’ even though it was not pushed for this run of the rule. Make sense?

In other words, the IFs annotated below do not do what logic would suggest.

I’ll keep thinking but any ideas how I can get around that? The only thing I can think of is breaking this out to three rules so I don’t need those IFs in the Flow.

You would want to use Context Variables in this case – these are variables that have information about the event that triggered the rule.

For example, you might check which device name triggered the rule and use that as the condition.

IF $context.event.deviceName is 'Kitchen Scene Controller (button2)'
  //do your kitchen button 2 stuff
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Thank you. I’ll give that a try.


That worked. Thanks again.

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