Rules not locking august lock

I have a rule that will lock the front door at 7pm. The rule also includes a text message notification. When the rule executes I receive the text but the door doesnt lock. Using smartthings ADT hub and August lock. The lock works fine directly from the smartthings app.

Any ideas?

Thanks for posting, Richard. Can you share a screenshot of your rule?

here ya go! Thanks!

@Richard_Beck, that’s interesting. Here are some steps I’d suggest for troubleshooting.

  1. Add the rule as a rule tile in the dashboard so you can trigger the rule manually
  2. Watch your SmartThings/Hubitat log when tapping the rule tile, are the command request made to your hub? Any error reported there? Verify if SmartThings gets correct state updates.
  3. Use the SmartThings app to lock/unlock first and then tap the rule tile. Verify if SmartThings gets correct state updates, and check the result differences between the commands issued by the ST app and rule tile.
  4. Similar to step 3, but try the August app to control and then test with the rule tile again.

There are also some similar discussions in ST community that may be helpful.

Are you using the official DTH or a custom device handler?