Rules Logs and DST Question

Was checking logs this morning and noticed that it is showing timestamps as if we have already fallen back an hour. Ex: currently 9:13a Pacific, logs of an event that just fired shows 8:13a.

Is there a setting I’ve missed?

Can you share some more details about what you’re seeing? Maybe a screenshot demonstrating the issue.

If I’m understanding correctly, it sounds like the event fired at the right time and it’s just that the logs are appearing to you offset by an hour? If so, that means the rules are using the correct timezone and DST information.

Keep in mind that the timestamps of the logs display based on your viewing device’s locale / time settings.

So if your events are running in a Pacific timezone (eg. America/Los_Angeles), but the device you are viewing the logs from is set to a different timezone or DST configuration, then you’ll see the timestamps adjusted accordingly based on the viewing device.

Tapping the ‘view’ link next to a log entry, I can see more details about the timestamp.