Rules Engine Question

Looking to add a few Rule engine Rules. I am trying to make this rule.

If my fridge or freezer is left open for 2 min/5 min/8 min etc play text on my Sonos in the garage, send me notification and text.

  1. Will it repeat itself if I put in multiple times? image
  2. What is the number (volume?)image
  3. Which is the right trigger here? image

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Feature Request. Please let me pick multiple devices. I have 4-10 devices being picked for some flows in webcore. It would be great :wink:


Hi @Tommy

  1. Will it repeat itself if I put in multiple times?

What do you mean by repeat itself? The Delay is basically a pause of the rule execution, and you will need to ad IF_Condition after the delay to check if the fridge/freezer is still open, and then send you a notification. It may be easier for you to create two separated rules to check fridge and freezer so the rule can cleaner.
(BTW, I also have an item in my list to add trigger based on device status changed and remained for x seconds/minutes, which should make your case much easier, but I need some time to refine the design so it is extensible.)

  1. What is the number (volume?)

playText should only need one argument. You can turn on the Advanced mode and remove the 2nd argument. (Sometimes, the device handler is implemented to take multiple arguments, but it may or may not work if the 2nd argument is actually provided based on the implementation.)

  1. Which is the right trigger here?

For contact sensor, either one will work and should be the same, since they should only have two status “open/closed”.

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Yup, I still have this multi-device picker feature from you in my list. ( I didn’t forget. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) And I can definitely see this being helpful for people with more devices, so I may need to revisit the priorities.

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I want the speaker and text to go off at 2 min 5 min 8 min etc… So, I have mutltiple time triggers in Webcore. Thats why i asked will multiple delays be what I am looking for…
I like your idea of creating the trigger.

Here is what I am trying to move over to RE. Your IF_Condition, I am struggling with. Its out of order in my mind. It might just take me a moment to get your modeling down. :slight_smile: . Here is how I designed it with Webcore. Can you help me lay this out with RE? Thanks.

hehe… I have brought this up before… lol… Its a little lazy reason but I really like being able to pick or another option I like for many devices or a long Rule is this

When I create a rule using photo above, I just have to say ‘Lights’ and it executes on all of them. Same for ‘Garage Doors’

Thanks !

Here is the quick example. When the door is opened, it will check 5 minutes later, and push me a notification if it is open 5 minutes later.

So this is not perfect because the door can be closed and opened again during the 5 minutes window, and the rule will be triggered again. That’s why I mentioned the trigger feature based on the device status change and remained for x period. (Similar to the “IF” part in your webcore example.)

In your webcore piston, is there any reason why you put “Speak Text” in “Else” section? Thought you’d like to play the text and get notification if the contact stayed open.

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Or you can always create a virtual device for all lights, or all doors, and create rules to control all lights/doors based on this virtual device’s status. So in your other rules, you just need to control this virtual device then.

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It plays the text at the same moment we get text/notifications.
I could be wrong but You need to separate the tasks.
When the freezer opens a timer is kicked off.

I tried that this morning. It struggled with the dimming up and down and on/off based on my testing. I’m not a huge fan of virtual switches if I don’t need to for dimming specifically. Works fine usually for on/off but sometimes can be out of sync if you manually get involved.