Rules categories

Hi. I would love to see the ability to split rules in to categories or create rooms to assign rules to. This would be easier than a long list of rules to scroll through.

Would like the ability to classify each Rule by a category and then display them based on category as in the below screenshot. I’ve got ~150 pistons in webcore and this meaningfully helps with finding them.


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I like this, but I’m out of votes :sweat_smile:

I think this is the same as this one. Maybe it should be consolidated? Great idea, BTW.

Thanks for the link. I’ve merged them together.

This would be very helpful.

I think a lot of my webCoRE pistons are going to end up requiring several rules so being able to group those together as parent / child as well would be very helpful.

I just added my vote for this. How many votes will be needed to proceed?

Hi Lucas-
Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Copying my response to you from the other thread here for the benefit of others as well…