Rules and Tiles

Is there a way to affect a tile on the dashboard from a rule. I would like a tile to flash when a condition is met. I would like it to stay flashing until another condition is met. Thx.

Rules can interact with devices and variables, so you could use those on your dashboards as indicators.

For example, you could create a True/False Variable and set that accordingly within your rule. While you can’t use variables to impact arbitrary tiles on a dashboard, you can add Variables directly to your dashboard much like device tiles.

Or you could create a Super Tile which includes your variable along with your desired device. Super Tiles enable you to mix and match content from different devices and variables all in a single tile. Then you can use the style feature to adjust the style based on any of the content within the Super Tile. So you could display data from a device, for example, and then have the variable in the footer of the tile and use that as your primary item for determining the style.