Rule w/Presence Not Working

I have a rule that runs at certain times time to turn a fountain on/off (it’s actually just the switch the motor is plugged into). The fountain was on this morning but as my wife left, it didn’t turn off. I had to turn it off manually. When she came back, it didn’t turn back on. I added the rule to a tile and ran it and the fountain turned on. I checked the rule log and there was nothing indicated for the times she left and came back (so the rule was not triggered by the presence change). At this point, I’m still using the Life360 integration. The SmartThings app shows her gone and back again. I also have set up Edge driver switches, but I haven’t started using those while Life360 still is connected to SmartThings. Rule screenshot is below. Thoughts? Is there something up with SharpTools picking up on the presence indicators today? This rule has been running correctly until today as far as I can tell (well, every now and then it misses the 8 pm or 10 pm trigger to turn off; I thought that it might be a web issue, in that the command isn’t getting to the fountain, but now I’m not so sure). Thanks.