Rule trigger based on email or sms

Can someone point me into the right direction to be able to trigger a rule based on either email or sms content?

Thanks in advance.

@Scunny, do you have the control of what subject will be in the coming email, and determining the email address where it will be sent to?

Yes I do. Sorry for the additional content but was prompted for 20 characters.

You cannot trigger a rule by sending the email directly, but you can trigger an IFTTT applet by sending email to IFTTT with a defined hashtag in the subject, and then send a HTTP request to trigger a SharpTools rule using HTTP trigger.

See below for details about the Rule Http Trigger:

Thanks James, I was also thinking about maybe Tasker as I have in the past had huge delays with IFTTT triggering.

Any thought on Tasker?

Probably a good question for the /r/Tasker subreddit.

From what I recall, the most common approach for this with Tasker is to read the data out of notifications. Might have more options with SMS notifications in Tasker as there’s a ‘Received Text’ trigger if I remember correctly.


I just wanted to share something from the Hubitat group. I have not used this yet but thought it may another solution for those that want to trigger a rule based on email content that you do not have control as the sender.

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