Rule to trigger Alexa Voice Monkey Skill

Is there a way to write a rule that triggers the Alexa Voicemonkey Skill?

I can do this with SmartThings, Webcore and Alexa but cannot figure it out through Sharptools.

Example: SmartThings switch turns on, Sharptools triggers Voicemonkey to announce something on multiple echos.

I currently use FKB but 1. It only speaks from the tablet, 2. I don’t like the voice options.

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Hi @Terri_Baker , send HTTP request from the Rule Engine is in my todo list, but is not currently supported. (I assume you were using web request action in the webcore to announce via VoiceMonkey.)
Please cast your vote in the HTTP Request feature request thread below as the interests collected is an important factor for us in determining our tasks’ priorities.