Rule to control screen brightness in fully kiosk browser with smartthings


I’m using Sharptools with Smartthings and Fully Kiosk on an unlocked, rooted fire HD 8 running Android 9 (Lineage 16.1). It really works exceptionally well.

I have one query about adjusting brightness. Fully controls the screen on/off/brightness really well but there’s no way to use adaptive brightness based on ambient light levels. The android settings do not work well with Fully and in general Fully does a better job.

I also have a z-wave motion detector with ambient light sensor in the same room and I have the Fully Kiosk DTH in smartthings.

Would it be possible to create a rule to modify the Fully brightness level using the DTH in response to changes in lux measured by the z-wave sensor?


Hi @Ronan_Ryan, welcome to the community!
I just checked the Fully DTH, and it does support setScreenBrightness command. Did a quick test in Rule Engine, and it works well. See screenshot below that you can set the brightness from 0 - 255.

Then you can test out the lux reading to find out what are the best values to change the brightness accordingly.

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That’s super, thanks.

How can I translate lux levels to brightness? I’ve looked at the event trigger options and it seems all I can do is set a threshold for it to change to a fixed value. I would need 10 rules for 10 different lux/brightness levels.


I’d suggest to set brightness at 50, 100, 150, 200, 255 values based on the lux value. Adding more brightness tiers probably won’t be much noticeable in my opinions. You can use multiple IF_Conditions in a rule to manage different brightness in just one rule.

See screenshot below for a quick example that I have two IF_Conditions and set different brightness based on different illuminance ranges. (Please note that I didn’t add the 2nd IF_Condition within the 1st IF_Condition’s ELSE path as a nested IF_Condition because it can make the UI harder to read when you have 4,5 levels of nested IF_Conditions.)

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Thanks. That worked really well. It’s now changing in response to the lux sensor.

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Just to follow up on this for other users I had to change the reporting threshold for lux on the Fibaro sensor in Smartthings using Z wave tweaker. the default threshold was 200. I changed it to 20.