Rule NOT Working

This is a really simple rule that used to work, but has not worked for about a month now. Here is the rule, the log info and what it did or didn’t do.

When the Virtual switch turns on it just needs to execute a SmartThings Scene. Seems something is hanging up between Sunset and Sunrise. This ran at 7:01 PM which is definitely between Sunset and Sunrise…

You would need to change the IF Condition to ‘any’ (OR) for it to read as between sunset and sunrise.

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Changing to OR. We’ll give it a try tomorrow evening. Thanks @josh

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@josh Is it just my eyesight (I do need new reading glasses), but why is the current times variable in the log file spelled “locaTime” instead of “localTime” (the second L is missing)?

The other question I have is, if the and/or logic is flawed, how did this run before?

It does appear to be a typo. It’s just for informational purposes, so it won’t impact the rule, but I’ve noted the feedback so we can track it down and correct it. :slight_smile:

@Allan_P I Had the same thought. I like a lot of people am switching over from webcore and had a piston that was not disabled that did something similar. So thinking it was working in the beginning but I suspect it was the piston doing the work. When I deleted the last group of Pistons that’s when we think the issue started. So my best guess is that the rule never actually worked.

That makes sense. I had a similar situation. I am also replacing webcore pistons with Sharptools. I would disable the piston when testing out the sharptools rule. If it didn’t work, then I would disable the Sharptools rule and re-enable the piston while I figured out what I did wrong.

Yup… I had a Spreadsheet with 113 pistons. I was doing the same as you. guess this one got lost and was running in both… All converted and seem to be doing what I want.

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