Rule is triggering by itself

Super random. I have a home and away switch tied to Smarthings that I use to control thermostat depending on whether we are at the house or not. Recently (last couple of weeks) it seems that this switch is triggering itself at exact hours (1pm, 3pm, 8pm, 10pm) either on or off

. It jumps all over (please see attached screenshot of smarthings showing the events). There are no automations set up at all in smarthings so I am assuming this must be coming from the ST side. Under the ST log for this rule it states “Triggered by device event: Home switch switch is on” Any clue as to where to start to find out how to fix this. This just started and I have not changed anything in months after I got it all sorted out. Thank you in advance!

Can you share more details about what the rule looks like and what it actually does?

Sure please see it attached. In essence when turned on it sets the five thermostat set points. I’m no expert with rule engines but set it up so that if the thermostats don’t respond with the correct temp it cycles back until they are all correct. If there is a better way please let me know thank you!

So 9pm again and the switch is turned on again. No clue where it’s coming from. How is it getting turned on… the log doesn’t mention what’s activating it….

The rule log won’t mention where it was triggered from as it doesn’t know where it was triggered from. Only that the value changed and that the rule was triggered because SmartThings reported that the switch changed to ‘on’.

In theory, the smart hub would know what triggered the device since it is the origination point of the event. SmartThings previously exposed this information, but based on your screenshots, it doesn’t look like they do anymore.

From the SharpTools side of things, you could always disable the rule so it won’t trigger. Of course you would still want to track down what’s causing that SmartThings device to change, but perhaps that would be a better question for the SmartThings community.

Hi Josh…
Thank you… I figured it out, something funky happened on the SmartThings side and a test rule I had from like 2 years ago somehow got enabled again that was causing the issue. Thanks for your time!

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