Rule HTTP Action

We’re excited to announce HTTP Actions for Rule Engine which enable you to communicate with third party applications/services like IFTTT, WebCoRE, Voice Monkey, Zapier (and more!). This further expands your smart home automation with nearly unlimited integration possibilities.

:crown: HTTP Action is a Premium feature.
If you are using the free tier, please let us know if you’d like us to reset your trial.

:white_check_mark: This feature will close the following trending feature request: Rule Engine: HTTP Request

The documentation for the HTTP Action has been moved to our help site. Check out the following article for more details:




Trigger a webCoRE piston by sending a GET request


Trigger an IFTTT applet by sending a GET/POST request

Hubitat Maker API

Calling Hubitat Maker API via Hubitat cloud

:information_source: You can also trigger Rule Machine rules by adding the Trigger → Cloud End Point to your RM rule and then calling that from a SharpTools HTTP Action.

  • Method: GET/POST
  • URL: get the specific maker api URL from the Maker API page in Hubitat. Make sure you use the cloud URLs, instead of the local ones, and replace the device ID, command, and etc accordingly from the example URLs.

Alexa - Voice Monkey

Call the Voice Monkey API to trigger an Alexa routine, or Text-to-Speech/Anouncements.


Call the Zapier webhook trigger API to trigger a zap automation.

  • Method: GET
  • URL: select “Webhook by Zapier” as the zap trigger, and select “catch Hook” as the Trigger Event. Click “Continue” and the Custom Webhook URL to trigger this zap should be displayed in the next step.