Rule help identifying specific device from a group

I have a RULE that triggers on the status of the BATTERY attribute of a group of all my battery devices.

Currently, I get a note that one of my devices has a low battery, but not which specific device… so i have to manually comb through those device to find out which one has the low battery.

Is there a way to sharpen the logic in this rule to identify which specific device has a low battery, and then send a notification with that specific information?

EDIT: Also, I just noticed in the SmartThings App, on my Favorites page, there is a notification of one of my devices that has a low battery. (How convenient!) Where is the information for that configured? Do I need to include all battery devices in there somewhere, or does the App just automagically know? And does that have the ability to send out SMS (or other) notifications?


You can use Context Variables to identify which device triggered the rule. When editing your notification, you can tap +VARIABLE on the right of the text field to insert a variable; select the Context Variable tab and then select:

Event → Device → Device Name

The resulting variable that gets inserted will be $context.event.deviceName