Rule has exceeded the rate limit

I’ve created a super tile that acts as a toggle, running a rule when clicked. The rule is a simple if light is on then off() else on().

First time I click it runs fine. But the following times nothing happens and the log is reporting: Rule QWeegSAo9m7AIGGxmztq has exceeded the rate limit. Execution is stopped.

Have I exceeded some kind of rate limit for rules?

There’s a rate limit for each rule. I was able to pull that rule up and it looks like it was getting triggered by events many, many times per second prior to the rule dashboard trigger.

Was the rule perhaps recently modified to not use a trigger and instead be manually triggered?

Yeah, I mistakenly added triggers for on and off states, which probably made it trigger itself many times. I’ve now removed those triggers, as the rule should only be triggered from clicking the tile.

I’m away from my PC at the moment and can’t remember the limit off the top of my head, but it does get reset. It’s mainly to avoid those exceptional situations like an unintentional infinite loop.

Just an FYI that there’s also Toggle Macro action in the Super Tile which can do the same thing without needing a rule.

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Thanks. Where do I find the toggle macro? When editing Action (on tap) I only see Hyperlink, Rule, Thing or None.

It’s under the Thing commands if the device is a switch.

I can see it for a Virtual Switch, but not for a light device.

What I basically tried to achieve is to make the label larger and to display both color temperature and light level, apart fro the icon with state.

Can you PM me the doc ID? If I remember correctly, the light capability is deprecated in favor of the switch capability.

Is it a community DTH/Driver or stock?

Edit: We just pushed an update which should enable the Macro: Toggle option to show up for Color Temperature device. Thanks for sending the PM! :smiley: