Rule engine: trigger firing twice

I have a rule for my front door lock (a Schlage Connect Z-wave) that will send me a Pushover notification if the door is unlocked while the location status is Away. This replaced a webCoRE piston. But I am getting 2 notifications back to back and don’t see why. It didn’t do that in the webCoRE version.

Here is the rule:

And here is the log file:

The ST IDE event log for the lock only shows 1 unlock at 5:23:46 PN EST.

I’m using a V2 SmartThings hub that’s on firmware 45.11. All my “things” like Leviton light switches, water leak and multi-purpose sensors are using Edge drivers, except for the Schlage lock. That still doesn’t seem to have migrated to Edge.

Anybody have any ideas?


That’s likely the culprit. If you tap the ‘View’ link next to each of the trigger lines in the logs, are each of the Event IDs slightly different from each other?

There’s a known SmartThings bug that certain Groovy Devices generate multiple events in the next-gen SmartThings platform - each with the same data and with only ever so slightly different Event IDs. I suspect they don’t have any plans to properly resolve it as the issue doesn’t exist with Edge Drivers, so it will disappear when Groovy disappears.

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If you are referring to the line in the log like

“eventID”: "d0bb9fea…

then yes they are different, but more than just slightly. However, hopefully you are right.

Do you have any idea when locks with multiple codes will get their Edge driver? I’ve looked in the Github SmartThings community fingerprints.yml file for z-wave locks, and my model is still commented out.

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Yes. When I had seen it in the past, sometimes it was just the last section of characters that was different and if you didn’t look closely they would appear to be the same.

I’m not sure about SmartThings plans on timing of various drivers. The December 31st deadline is coming up quickly, so we’ll see what happens.

So here’s a bit of a twist to this I just discovered. I have a 2nd hub at a 2nd location with the same door unlock trigger for a front door and a side door which I just tested. It only sent me the Pushover notification once for each door. The 2nd hub is a newer Aeotec hub, so I assume it’s version 3. The locks are Schlage locks, but still the same model as the first location.

Would the two hubs behave differently? Looking at the driver section of both hubs shows they have the same version of SmartThings Z-Wave Switch driver.