Rule engine: Set color: Set color by numerical value

Is there a way to use the advanced slider on the Set Color command to use numerical hue: saturation: lightness values? (i.e. What does each argument represent?)

Hi @Chip_Fillingane, you can use setHue and/or setSaturation commands to set the color using the specific numeric value(s).

Hue and Saturation Value Range:
Hue: 0-360
Saturation: 0-100

Here is a quick graphic explanation of HSL model from wiki.

You can play with different colors and find the exact Hue and Saturation value from the SmartThings IDE that you can use in the commands.

Say you were going to do this like 100 times about 1 minute apart. Is there any way to only type 100 commands, as opposed to 200 commands?

You can also tap the “Advanced” switch at the top-right corner of the action and change `setColor’'s argument from Color_map to JSON.

JSON value example -> {"hue": 30, "saturation": 100}

That’s what I was looking for. Thanks!