Rule Engine - Flexibility in moving components around

The rules engine currently allows moving components (device/mode/actions/etc) within the same section. However, there isn’t the capability to move these between different actions.

This can be very frustrating because you may need to move something from the if-block to the else-block or anywhere else in the rule. Today, you need to delete and re-create the component.

See screenshot for what’s possible today (green) vs what could be enabled (red):

@tagyoureit, thanks for your feedback, and don’t forget to scroll up to the top and cast your vote. :smiley:


Now I only have 4 votes left. :frowning:

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Can I vote for this 5 times? :grinning:

…OR: a simple CUT / PASTE functionality of any RULE component.

This would be SOOOO HELPFUL!