Rule Engine and buttons help

I’m trying to use the rule engine with buttons but struggling with the operators to make it work. Would love some assistance.

Setup and goal: I have a flic hub/buttons integrated to Hubitat through the maker API. Within Hubitat I am using a virtual button named flic button 1 H. This virtual button is present in Sharptools for the rule engine. I also have a simulated button within SmartThings. The goal is for rule engine to trigger a push, doubletap, or held on the smartthings button whenever the flic button is pushed.

I realize there are multiple ways to do this with hub connect and other ways, but in the future I might want to change the action that happens on the flic button. Having sharptools rule engine perform the action will give me the flexibility to change things in the future very easily.

My problem is I do not fully understand the operators in relation to a button.
I’m trying to setup a rule that states: If the Flic button 1 H does anything (push, doubletap, held) then trigger the rule. Within the flow I will setup 3 IF statements to trigger either a push, doubletap, or held. I have the Smartthings flic button 1 ST action correct. I can easily trigger the push, doubletap, held. I’m struggling with the Trigger and IF statements.

I’ve tried using “changes and is not 2” since the virtual button only has 1 button but that didn’t do anything.

whenever I select one of the basic operators the value has to be an integer.

Has anyone trigger button pushes before that can help me :slight_smile:

I would have thought that would do the trick. Hubitat’s button implementation is a bit unique in that they have attributes that are more like the ‘action’ that occurred on the button (eg. pushed, held) and the value for each of those attributes is the last button number that was pressed as you mentioned.

So pushed and is not 2 sounds like it should have worked.

What’s in the flow for the rule? Sometimes adding a notification or updating a SharpTools variable as the first action can be a helpful troubleshooting step to see if the rule is triggering as expected.

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that’s a good idea, let me try that. Thanks

Using the variables I did find where my problem was. Turns out the rule works just fine, when the actual virtual button is pushed. I have a broken link between the flic Maker API actually pushing the button :slight_smile: Thanks for the help. The rule is correct, now I just have to fix my other problems.