Rule Engine affected by SmartThings retiring Groovy?

I’m currently having to redo my smarthome automations due to SmartThings retiring Groovy, which has killed some of the ST smartapps I was relying on (e.g. HueBSmart).

I’ve previously used WebCore for rules, but its future also seems in doubt once Groovy is fully retired, and so I’m thinking of moving to Rule Engine instead given I’ve recently started using SharpTools dashboards (and I’m not ready to ditch ST for Hubitat). Can anyone confirm whether or not Rule Engine will be similarly affected by the changes being made by ST?

@WillHar, we have been closely working with SmartThings on the new API adoption, and our plan is to migrate the existing SharpTools rules to use the new API model when ready, and minimize the impact to the users wherever possible.

Rule Engine isn’t implemented in Groovy, and SharpTools smartapp is only served as the API interface. So things are a little bit different compared to those automation smartapps as mentioned. :grinning:

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One example that comes to mind is community developed (Groovy) device handlers that implement custom commands / attributes will need to be upgraded to support custom capability definitions or their custom commands / attributes aren’t exposed in the new SmartThings API.

For the vast majority of devices it’s not an issue as they’re using standard capabilities, but there’s a lot of community code out there and definitely some unique integrations! :slight_smile:

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Thanks both, that’s reassuring. It does seem that one of the key things at the moment is the extent to which any integration is receiving ongoing support/engagement from its developers, which for me is a big part of the appeal of SharpTools.

Time to start playing with Rule Engine! :slightly_smiling_face: