Rule by time always running

I have a time trigger set for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then another for the other days of the week, however both rules are running at the same time?

@Andrew_Smith can you post the rules’ screenshots or pm @support, so we can better understand your rules’ setup? See below for how to get the rule screenshot.

There are two as I said here’s the first one…

Here’s the second one…

But they are both firing every night.

@Andrew_Smith, the rule can be triggered when ANY of the trigger conditions is matched. So in your case, both rules can be triggered when either fox motion sensor is active. My guess is you are trying to do something differently depending on the day when the fox motion is detected. If so, you should just need one rule, but use the IF condition to check the day and take different actions as shown in the screenshot below.

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Hi there, thank you for that, so it’s the opposite of Smartthings where you put the day as a precondition, you put it after the trigger. Cool, I’ve made those changes and will test over the weekend.