Rule based on exterior light level

I would like to have a scene to turn on/off based on the light level of the exterior of the house at a given moment. Simply put…trigger scene “Turn on interior lights if the exterior light level is XXX” (i.e. cloudy ) and turn scene back off if sunny and if not sunset -15min time. Is this possible? How can I accomplish this? Do I need a photometer hooked to smarTthings?

For the illumination measurement, there are motion and multi-sensors that measure illuminance. So using the rule engine, you can turn the lights on when the illuminance changes and goes below a certain value:

Turning back off before sunset if it gets bright would look something like this, although I’m not sure the 15 minute delta to sunset is possible at the present.

Thank you!!! That’s exactly what I was looking for. Any suggestion on the light sensor brand?

I’m not using any of mine for illumination data. I just mocked the rules up to demonstrate.

I’m sure many here are, though, so you should get some recommendations.