Rule ALWAYS Executes the Then branch, never Else

I have the rule shown below that turns lights on when it’s getting dark and off when its getting light. I know I could use a Dawn to Dusk timer but on a stormy morning the lights turn off way too early.

Here is the rule.
Basically If Illuminance is low turn on the lights, Else turn them off.

What actually happens is that it’s ALWAYS the Then branch (as confirmed by E-Mails) that executes turning the lights On, never Off, regardless of the actual reported Illuminance level.

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@Gary_Milne, the Flow ( IF_Condition, Then, and Else part) is correct, but the rule never got triggered unless the illuminance is changed to “less than and equal to 50”, and that’s why it always goes to the Then path. In your case, you can change your trigger to “greater than and equal to 0”, so every illuminance change event will trigger this rule, and based on your IF_Condition (<= 50 or not), it will turn on or off the lights accordingly.

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I should have explained that I had previously changed those values (in both locations) from 50 to 5,000 when the illuminance reading was 2,500 and got the same result. the Then branch executed and not the Else branch. Also, every morning when I wake up, my outside lights remain on which is why I was investigating the rule in the first place.

But I can tell you are sceptical so I edited the rule as shown below.

I get the eMail confirmation showing me which branch it took as shown below.

So I’m 99.99% sure its a bug.

What was the illuminance value when the rule was triggered?

My Smart Weather Station is reporting 2,500.

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@Gary_Milne Interesting, I am looking into this.

I assume you are doing some testing because I did get a notification of going through the Else branch.

We are still looking into it in our local development environment. We believe certain numeric conversions aren’t occurring as expected in some cases - which may be why it hit the else branch for you depending on what the reported value was.

@Gary_Milne, we have rolled out the fix of this issue to production. Can you try it again if it gets triggered as expected now? Thanks.

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That worked in my limited testing. It will be on autopilot for the next few days and I’ll let you know if anything unexpected happens.