Rtsp to mjpeg how to converte

I have two reolink 1220a running and would like to be able to stream them to my tablet where sharptools run on.
Is there a way to covetate their live stream into something Chrome and sharptools can eat?
I have tinycam installed as a server for the 2 cameras, but I only seem to be able to bring out an image that can be updated every second and therefore is not live stream.
What do the rest of you do with your stream


What URL are you using for TinyCam? And have you checked this post?

Back when I started it was this video I used and it works fine enough, I just think it’s too bad it only update every second and that it’s a little behind in live view.

Wrong dashboard. :stuck_out_tongue: :poop:

What URL are you using? The /mjpg/video.cgi one that was in the post I linked above streams the video for me. It is a second or two behind the live view, but didn’t bother me too much.

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I know it’s the wrong dashboad :laughing: they haven’t made a video for sharptools :no_mouth: I’d like it to be a live view, and not 2 seconds behind. I’m going to try your version :slightly_smiling_face:

You may be interested to check out the SimplySmart channel by @Justin_Newbury, and he also posted a video for his Wyze cam setup in SharpTools via TinyCam.


Thanks for that
I’ve seen the video and set my camera up, I just wanted a more fluid view, as if it were live view, and not with an update about every second.