RTSP Support for Camera Viewing

I might be asking the same question based on my search but wanted to ask it clear and concise to get an answer indexed.

Do you support the ability to have a media tile that is linked to an RSTP stream?

I have unifi protect cameras and each of them can have an RTSP stream URL in which to capture and stream from.

Please and thanks!

Hi @supergolfstick, RTSP stream is not supported in web browsers, and, therefore, the camera stream must be converted to JPEG/MJPEG to be displayed in the dashboard. I have not tested Unifi cameras personally, but based on my quick research, you can get the JPEG image from the camera by accessing http://camera_ip/snap.jpeg.

Once you verified the JPEG image can be accessed via the web browser, you can then create a Media resource, and set it to auto refresh periodically, and then add this media to your dashboard to view the camera image.

Or if you prefer the real-time streaming camera views, instead of image refresh every few seconds, you will need something like Blue Iris or TinyCam to convert the video streams to MJPEG and proxy the video streams. You can find more details in the KB article below.