Rss feed tile question

I wonder if anyone can help me with this? its not critical, just trying to clean up a little, I have an rss feed tile. the feed seems to work ok, but in the lower left corner of the tile it says “undefined”… what could that be, or how can I get rid of that? below is a screen shot of the tile.

Here is the rss feed link that I have pasted in the news feed source: Current Watches, Warnings and Advisories for Weld (COC123) Colorado Issued by the National Weather Service
I get the same result with:

Also, I wonder if the following is possible? I would like the tile to be transparent with no text unless there is a current alert, then be the same as what I attached above… Is that possible with an rss feed?

It’s probably the ‘Article Summary’ which you can uncheck in the tile settings.

I don’t think so. The news feeds don’t have styling options based on the presence of content.

In theory, it could be done with a Custom Tile but that’s more of a developer toolset.

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Thanks Josh. I unchecked the article summary and the “undefined” went away. I dont have any warnings at the moment, so I cant tell if any of the warning details will not be shown now, but my “OCD” is happy now that it is removed…Did you get a chance to look through the willy weather docs in the link I sent you?

I responded over in that thread… but the documentation you shared appeared to be for an API rather than a webhook. :thinking: