Rotating between Dashboards

For the likes of me, I cannot seem to figure how to allows the dashboard to rotate from one to the other (if multiples exists) at any interval. Is this not possible?

Can you provide some additional context as to what you are trying to accomplish functionally by cycling between dashboards?

There are several ways to accomplish this using external tools depending on what your goals are. For example, if it’s a wall mounted display, you could use the ‘Screensaver’ feature of Fully Kiosk Browser to cycle through a ‘playlist’ of URLs.

Similarly, Fully Kiosk Browser has an HTTP API that could be used to control which page is loaded. This could either be automated from a platform (Hubitat/SmartThings) or through a third-party app like Tasker / AutomateIt.

Makes sense with a brower in kiosk mode, but I figure the web app when set to “Kiosk” would also do the same. Maybe as if there was a dashboard setting are where one could adjust things as mentioned and more.

So then if rotating in broser via a URL playist, do the URL’s automatically generated for each dashboard remain the same throughout it’s life?

Yes. The URLs are unique for each dashboard.