Roomba for my dashboard?

So I have been searching forums after forums - I am trying to add my Irobot Roomba 680 to my dashboard so I can just press a tile to start and press a tile to go home. Is there anyway to do this? I tried to see if I could make a routine through alexa and thats a no go (or is it)? I thought about doing a virtual switch but I’m not sure if someone made a code for this? Any help would be great for this newbie! :rofl:

What platform are you using?

For SmartThings, you can create an “Alexa Virtual Switch” to trigger the action in Alexa Routine. The Alexa Virtual Switch is a community developed device handler, and has both switch and contact attributes, so it can be used as trigger in Alexa Routine.

For Hubitat, you can create a Virtual Lock, install Echo Skills in Hubitat, and discover devices in Alexa app to find the new Virtual Lock device, and then create routine to be triggered based on this lock.

Once the Alexa Virtual Switch/Lock is created, you can then add it to the dashboard and tap it to trigger the Alexa Routine and kick off Roomba.

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I currently have everything running through Alexa and SmartThings. I have the Alexa virtual device creator on my SmartThings. Maybe I just need it dummied down for me on how to do it from there? I played around with it for awhile but completely stumped. Probably something so easy but yet here I am lol.

If you can described the steps you have done or the where you got stumped, we may be able to point you the direction. :wink:

That forum you sent over is what I followed. So as of right now I have the main app, virtual switch, and momentary code all in and published. I have the Alexa creator app on my SmartThings under smart app. Where do I go from there? How do I actually connect my roomba to it? Do I have to do anything in the Alexa app? My roomba is connected to that.

The general approach is to set up the routine / automation in Alexa to start your device (since it’s compatible with Alexa (Roomba)), and use the Alexa Virtual Switch from SmartThings as the trigger for that Alexa routine.

I’ve tried that. For the part where it says “when this happens” what should I add there? For the action I would put Roomba on.

Well guys nevermind lol! What I did was use the Alexa virtual switch called it Roomba. Then went over to IFTTT and created it that way. If switch is on then roomba starts to clean. If switch is off then roomba docks home. Soooo simple. Haha sorry for the hassle guys!

On a good note my dashboard is finally complete and my wall mount comes tomorrow! Home automation complete! (Well I need to figure out how to get my ring alarm on there, then it will be complete!)

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