Ring Keypad // Sharptools Rules

Wondering if anyone could offer advice? I would like to use @RBoy Intruder Alert SmartApp (I feel like it’s better featured than the STHM) as my home security system. I purchased the Ring Keypad and successfully paired it. I have some questions, though, and I’m hoping someone with a lot more experience/expertise can help . . .

My main question is are there people using Ring Keypad for either the STHM or IA (Intruder Alert)? What rules do you have setup in Sharptools?

Other Misc. questions, in case you have experience,

  1. Is it a good idea to use IA as the main app (as opposed to STHM)? Are there obvious drawbacks (like working well with Ring Keypad)?

  2. Does the Ring keypad work well with IA? I am still trying to figure out how to arm/disarm from the keypad. Will the system stay in sync when I turn it on/off from a virtual switch I have created?

  3. I see people talking about Lock User Management @RBoy app. Is that something I should be using with the keypad?

I am grateful for any basic info related to these questions.