Ring Doorbell on dashboard

@James is this feature working still? I believe I have all the steps correctly as you explained i still don’t get a video stream when door bell is pushed. Thanks

Keep in mind that the URL James provided is for the regular ‘Ring’ app. The ‘Rapid Ring’ app has a different URL:

Edit: You can also double check the app URL format using the following tips: Linking android apps to a tile

I’ve had good luck getting my ring camera to automatically show on my Fire tablet using the new Alex routines custom command feature.


Yeah, I recall seeing that cool trick with routine screenshots. Was it posted in FB group or Twitter? Couldn’t find it now.:yum:

Found it. These are the Alexa custom routines @prjct92eh2 mentioned I believe.



that’s them! I was using it on our wall mounted Fired HD 10 before setting up the Echo Show.


thanks. I have the fire hd 10 device and i believe I have the standard ring app loaded on the the tablet. downloaded the smartthings dth. ill try this link provided . thank you

I was able to get the ring app to open when door bell button is push but it’s not full screen video. It’s shows like i just opened the app with the menus. Anyway to change this??

I am afraid there is no intent (URL path) available to open Ring app and to the specific video in full screen though. But the trick @prjct92eh2 shared might do the trick.

Thank you. I’m gonna try that out and see how it looks. Thank you all for the help

I’m trying to get this set up on my wall mounted fire tablet as well can you provide some info. I’m at the step where asks for add action. Thank you.

I think he’s using the new ‘Custom’ action where you can type in what you would normally verbally ask Alexa to do. In this case “show the front doorbell”

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Yeah i ended up getting this far and (Alexa) mentioned something along the line of she couldn’t preform that action.

Do you have your Ring cameras set up in Alexa? And can you bring them up by voice on an Alexa device with a display (like the tablet)?

I have the camera added to Alexa. I tried to get it to show me the front door. It said it could preform that. But I’ll try again to see what happens.

I was able to test out the routine tricks with my Ring doorbell and Fire tablet, it worked as expected. I agreed that the 1st troubleshoot step would be getting the camera view showing on the tablet by asking Alexa to do so first.

I think this is a neat treat, but you may also want to set a rule to bring Fully Kiosk Browser back to the front for displaying the dashboard again once the exiting the camera view. Will need Fully Kiosk Browser device hander to do so.

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I have been so frustrated with the lack of Ring Camera direct integration to ST. But this worked perfectly. On door bell ring, my dash (fire hd 10) loads the camera right away.


I have an unregistered (to avoid ads) fire 8 tablet and I am unable to launch the Alexa app (it wants me to register the device). Is there a work-around to be able to use the Alexa app?

I ended up paying the fee to remove the ads on the fire tablet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t configure the Alexa app on the fire 8 tablet (it would error out trying to connect to Amazon’s server) but I was able to install the Alexa app on my iPad, connect devices and configure a routine for the Ring doorbell video and assign that routine to my fire 8 tablet.

I did find that Alexa does not see virtual buttons or switches (it only recognizes contacts and motion) so I am using this custom device handler for Alexa to simulate a contact switch.

Once I unlocked my fire tablet and added the custom DTH, I was able to successfully create a webcore piston that displays the Ring video when either the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected by the Ring on my mounted fire tablet.

Custom DTH for those interested. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bjpierron/SmartThings-Alexa/master/devicetypes/bjpierron/simulated-alexa-switch.src/simulated-alexa-switch.groovy

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