Ring Always at Home App

I have researched trying to get the Ring Always at Home app to work with a hyperlink without success. I know it is a relatively new app and some of the older apps have been retired. Does anyone in the community know if there is a new intent that will work for this app? Is there somewhere else to research this issue? Thank you for your help.

The following post describes how you can find the ‘intent URL’ if you’re using Fully Kiosk…

Unfortunately I have tried this several times without success. I have used other slightly different intent lines found in the postings and none were successful. I was wondering if the new ring always home app made a difference. the other hyperlinks I have used worked flawlessly. Appreciate any help. Thanks!

What did step 5 from the linked post look like for your app? Maybe a screenshot would help. That should give you the information specific to your installation that would be needed to open the app.

I have tried slightly different intent lines as listed in the community but none worked. The other hyperlinks I have work flawlessly. Here is what I have currently put in and when used comes up as: App not found for intent. The app is installed and works well on the homepage.
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