Ring alarm integrate

Hi, how do i get my ring alarm to work with smartthings on sharptools? …

Hi @fred_georgeon, welcome to the community. Are you having issue finding your Ring device in SharpTools? or please provide more details for your question.

Please note that if you just added Ring (or any device) to SmartThings, you will need authorize it to SharpTools through 'Manage Connections" in your SharpTools user page.

Hi All.
New to this product an am really impressed. Searched for a long time to find a good integrated dashboard solution for my smart home.
I second the above question. Think there maybe a problem adding Ring alarm to Smartthings. Doesn’t show up as available device by brand. All that shows is doorbell or camera as option. If I cant get it in smartthings I cant add to sharp tools…

What country/region are you from? If I remember correctly, some integrations are region locked. I’ve seen people with Ring integrated into SmartThings in North America.

@Automated_House do you recall if Ring is one of the region locked integrations?

Could explain it. Unfortunately I am from Ireland. Completely proud of it … but unfortunately we get left behind on the roll out of integration. Wondering if there are any region hacks…

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Ring Alarm isn’t compatible for any countries. Only the doorbells and some cameras.