Return to home timer?


ive managed to get my alarm linked and working now, from my home tile you click security and then set or unset

is there a way to make a dashboard return to a home dashboard after not being used for a set period of time?

any help would be great!

If you’re displaying your dashboards on an Android or Fire OS device, you could use Fully Kiosk Browser to automatically return to your desired dashboard with the following settings:

  • Auto Reload on Idle = 60 seconds
  • Skip Auto Reload If Showing the Start URL = True

This approach is fairly easy to configure, though it has one downside in that it will reload the whole browser / page rather than just doing a fast client-side navigation. Not a big deal if you don’t expect people to be standing in front of the dashboard when it reloads, but I figured I would mention it. :slight_smile:

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The question is solved now, it reverts back which is perfect.