Restored Hubitat backup. now status does not show

I had an issue with my Hubitat, so I had to do a soft reset and then a restore from my backup.

The Sharp tools dashboard that I have seem to work, for on/off stuff, but the status of my lights are not showing like they used to. For example, I turn off the Foyer light (via the switch), the indicator on my Sharptools dash does not show anything. Actualy, it seems to be stuck at 50% even if they are at 100%.
I seem to get the Triangle now…

Edit: seems to be only my Z-Wave switches and light? not sure how this is possible? ideas?

Is there something that I can do to fix this, Do I need to remove the connector in the HE. But If I do, will I loose my dashboards?

Thanks in advance.

ok… so another edit… seems to be a problem in the hubitat… even if the lights are on. they show as off

humm… have to revisit this

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Reauthorize the things?

I would have been thinking along the same lines for troubleshooting. Sounds like a hub problem based on his latest update though.