[Resolved] Variables not updating

I have multiple rules that set temp averages that have been running without issue for a while. All of a sudden the variables are not being updated.
The expressions test correctly within the rules and the logs show the calculations are correct but the variable does not change. Here are screenshots of one of the rules, log w/ debug, and variable.

Are you verifying these through the list of variables or somewhere else (eg. dashboards / notifications)?

If the list of variables is filtered using the search field at the top, you’re effectively looking at a snapshot of the last value, so you’ll want to make sure you are looking at an unfiltered list… or you could try adding the variable to a dashboard and sending a notification at the end of the rule.

From a quick review of the variable value in the database, it looks like the values are updating with the current value changing from “73.5F” to “69F” while I was drafting this reply.

I was verifying on the unfiltered variable list as well as having it on some dashboards.
The issue persisted for about 24 hours and is now intermittent.
Yesterday morning around 830a MST) the variable was stuck for a few hours despite the rule running correctly.

Just an update that Terri and I worked together and identified that there was another rule which was also updating this variable.

So the variable was updating correctly, but it was also getting overwritten in another rule. Case closed! :man_judge:t4: :laughing:

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