[Resolved] Tiles Not Updating From Hubitat

About mid day yesterday my dashboard linked to Hubitat is not updating status. I can control devices, turning on and off, all incoming status is not respond, temperatures, electrical values, motion activity, etc. I can see the actual status of the device in Hubitat, and I have a Action Tiles dashboard that is working fine, I can turn on a device with SharpTools, and I see the status in Action Tiles and Hubitat device page. I checked the device page in SharpTools and I’m seeing last timestamps from mid day yesterday. This is happening with several different dashboards and devices. I’m primarily using my Macbook, but I see the same situation with my iPhone. I was adding some devices yesterday and I also did update the Hubitat software yesterday evening, but have since rolled back to the previous version, did a soft reset, and restored a earlier database. Response time in activating lights is normal, within 1 second or so.

So far I’ve tried the following.
*Refreshed the browser
*I use Brave browser, so I tried Safari
*Rebooted Hubitat
*Signed out and back in to SharpTools
*deleted a few devices and recreated them
*Rolled back Hubitat software and database, and soft reset Hubitat
*Suspended monitoring on my Firewalla to make sure it was not filtering out data.
*Utilized a few curse words.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

The installed SharpTools ‘app’ on your hub likely doesn’t have a valid event token anymore.

You can proceed through the authorization process again starting from your SharpTools.io User Page and that should push a new token down to the hub.

Hi Josh, That fixed it! Thank you!

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