[RESOLVED] Smartthings thermostats edge not working anymore

Hi everyone,

Since the migration of the driver to edge, one of my thermostat is not working anymore in SharpTools. It was working perfectly in rules and in a dashboard when it was using its original DTH but it was migrated automatically to the Edge Zigbee Thermostat driver. The model is Sinope TH1300.

Since the migration, I am getting error in the rules log “Failed to send device command” when calling the setheatingsetpoint command. In the dashboard, I am getting “Error sending command” when trying to adjust the temperature manually.

I have to say that I am able to adjust the temperature from the Smartthings app. So something seems broken in SharpTools with the Edge driver.

Any idea what could be wrong?


Hi François - thanks for posting and sorry to hear that things aren’t working as expected. Have you reauthorized your list of devices since the automatic DTH-to-Edge migration took place?

You can do this from your SharpTools User Page → Manage Connections. Proceed through the authorization like normal and it should sync over updated details for the device.

If that doesn’t help, can you send an email to support@sharptools.io with the Rule ID along with the approximate time and timezone of a command error, so we can take a closer look?

I have a hunch this is the same heating/cooling setpoint issue as the cielo breez one :dotted_line_face:

@Francois_Noel Can you try to tap the “adjust” in the left bottom corner of the Sharptools tile and try to set the temperature with the blue arrows?

It looks like this particular thermostat is a “Smart Floor Heating Thermostat” and the Edge Driver profile indicates that it should match up for a Heating Only profile on the driver.

So I just followed @josh recommendation and when through a resync of my devices. That fixed the issue. I’m able to control the problematic thermostat once again.

I guessing the migration of a device from DTH to Egde is causing a change in the way the device needs to be accessed from SharpTools. This resync is fixing that.

With the big migration currently going on on Smartthings, I wonder if there would be a way to detect and fix this automatically? My main concern is that I am relying on SharpTools to sync my thermostats with the dynamic pricing of electricity. I have a few other thermostats still on DTH so this problem will likely reoccur at a certain time. If it can’t be automated, I will have to keep an eye on this regularly.

Even a “resync” button in the Things list for a single device would be practical.

Thanks everyone for your help!

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Damnit :rofl: Hoped it would broaden the issue :grin:

Glad it’s fixed though!

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