Resolved: SmartApp Error

Starting this afternoon I am getting an error every time SharpTools tires to send a command to SmartThings. Result: Server Side Error (500).

I did try to re-authorize but that didn’t work. I just now cleared the app data and tried to authorize. I did have to login twice in the internal browser and had to put in my two factor authentication for my Samsung account. I get to the page where I need to select my SmartThings hub, then select my devices (the ones that I had already selected were still selected), I hit the green ‘Authorize’ button then the app goes back to settings and it tells me that ‘0 things authorized.’

@Jason_Holzhausen thanks for reporting this. An updated SharpTools SmartApp was rolled out to the SmartThings platform this morning and introduced the issue. We have found and corrected the issue and are working with SmartThings to either push the hotfix out or rollback the update.


Super. I’ll hang on and wait it out.

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Just an FYI that the issue appears to be with the addition of the “button” device type to the list of devices to authorize. If you authorize at least one button device, it should fix things.

If you don’t have any buttons… as a temporary workaround you could create a virtual button via the SmartThings IDE and then authorize that virtual button.

That did it. I added a button and all seems well now.

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The hotfix is in the process of being deployed. I just checked the NA01 and NA02 shards and the hotfix is live.

Note that if you had already authorized buttons, you may have to reauthorize them as the underlying input changed in order to fix the issue.

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