[Resolved] My tiles are gone!

I lost half my tiles they turned white and no longer control anything and some just disappeared. anyone know what the deal is. and can it be recovered.

Hi @Mike_Roeder, I am sorry to hear that your tiles are not working as expected. It sounds you might have unauthorized those devices from your hub and therefore those device tiles are no longer working. You should be able to recover them by re-authorize your devices from your hub to SharpTools again.

well now I’m trying to fix everything I rebuilt my dashboard under primary account which is my wife’s email but the old dashboard was built under secondary account which is my email account. but now i’m having a problem with notifications because the secondary account is connected to that phone number and its not letting me use it and I can’t seem to find where to delete secondary account to release that phone number.

Been up all night and just found out after redoing everything my wife had changed all her passwords because she was receiving fake Password change emails and changed all her passwords but not through the email attachments thank god.

why would half of the tiles become unauthorized that’s what was weird and even after fixing the wife log on with her new password i could never get the secondary dashboard to load all the things back in the dashboard

There’s a couple potential reasons it could happen. Hubitat only maintains a single list of device authorizations for a SmartApp. So if you have multiple SharpTools accounts that try to authorize the same hub, the last set of checked devices in the authorization wins.

We’ve also seen that Hubitat hubs can sometimes get overwhelmed during the device synchronization process if multiple accounts are accessing the same hub. During the device synchronization process, SharpTools will retry syncing a device a few times, but if the hub keeps failing to respond for that device, then it will skip the device which can result in you seeing a ‘Placeholder’ tile on your dashboard.

To James’ suggestion, going through the reauthorization process one more time often cleans things up. Sometimes if the hub is truly overloaded - in which case we recommend rebooting the hub, waiting several minutes for things to settle down, then trying the authorization again starting from SharpTools.io.

We received the ticket about your accounts and will respond there. We’ll make sure to get you sorted out so you can use your preferred account and use your phone number. :slight_smile:

ok ill be waiting , if i can just delete that secondary account then im good i just don’t know how to delete it.

Sure thing. I’m drafting you an email now. :smiley:

I’ve never had any issues hubitat and sharptools has been flawless until my wife changed the password i didn’t know and I just screwed it up from there. trying all the different accounts it was a mess.

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