[Resolved] My Ecobee thermostat has disappeared from Sharptools

Haven’t touched anything at all in Hubitat with the Ecobee, nor messed with Sharptools in general for a while, (definitely not with thermostats), but suddenly this afternoon, I have placeholders in my dashes where my Ecobee used to be, and it’s not visible in my list.

Hubitat still shows it as being shared in the Sharptools app, so I’m scratching my head here…

Thanks for the message and sorry to hear that things aren’t working as expected. Are you using the official Hubitat Ecobee integration or one of the community integrations?

My suspicion is that a device synchronization process was kicked off for some reason and the Ecobee devices couldn’t finish syncing so they got skipped.

Several of the community integrations report such a large number of attributes that it can cause the Hubitat Cloud Relay to timeout during device synchronization. SharpTools will automatically retry the sync multiple times and will skip syncing a device if it can’t be read multiple times in a row.

Usually reauthorizing your devices will fix things, but if the device times out while synchronizing, then it could get skipped.

Using the official integration, as always. I’ll try re-authorizing.

No dice on that in particular, but in messing with it, I did notice my Hubitat hub was crawling, and the things on my dashboards that were still there took several seconds to update…timed out every time I tried to manage connections. (though it was still sending commands successfully, albeit slowly).

So, I rebooted the hub, and they came back. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for the update - glad to hear you got it figured out!

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